BL_NK Studios


Gina is a self trained artist with a propensity for creating large scaled artworks of several disciplines. She was introduced to the south Florida arts scene & held her first solo art exhibition in 2014.
Her dream has always been to be a part of a creative collective that promotes authenticity, connection, and learning amongst those who want to explore new mediums and ways of making art. Gina’s recent expansion into studio 1 at “the peach” of wpb along side her fellow creative colleagues , has been a huge step in making her dream a reality. Her hope is to continue to expand and inspire others to be more authentic and vulnerable in their art making process.
While expressing herself from a place of pure joy, she relishes in the journey of each piece she makes, & allows her work to speak for itself.
Among other accomplishments, She has since traveled abroad for several artist residencies in Europe & Central America, been hosted for several gallery shows in south Florida, executed numerous public and private murals, preformed by live painting at concert events, completed an array of privately collected fine art commissions, and is actively working towards expanding her experience to further master her craft.