Art Of Recovery

Manny Mendez

I was born in Cuba, and migrated to the US in 1980 at 9 yrs old. I adapted well for the first few years, until I hit my teens, then a shift took place for the worst and I became a troubled youth, I found myself in juvenile programs and detention center a lot, it was their that I got close to art, just drawing! I grew up and continued on a path of self destruction. Sentenced to prison at the age of 17 due to my addiction, I once again sought Art and we became best friends. Released at 28 yrs old with the greatest of intentions not to go down that path again, and I did! for the next 12 years addiction controlled my life, in and out of rehabs, detoxes, and even homeless shelters. January 16-2012 I had a conversation with my self, and Art somehow got involved, we have been best friends ever since, my creativity grew and I ve explored many other forms of Art including filming,

Artist Statement

Art has been the only thing that has been able to allow me to Soul Search, and while not always finding the answers I was looking for, it did give me some peace, an instrumental component for a person like me who could never achieve it. Been painting consecutively now for 8years and 9 months, I have also healed, and continue to use art as my 1st form of self expression when trying to convey a message to the world, at times is raising awareness against Substance Use Disorder, or wanting to empower the youth. It was as a youth that I found this gift that later helped me through the loss of 11 years of my life, and later became my PURPOSE.